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Kelly GoLightly + Parker Hotel + RUE Magazine


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Kelly GoLightly + Parker Hotel + RUE Magazine

Guest Writer


SNAG HER STYLE: Kelly Lee of Kelly Golightly

Witty, stylish, bold - Kelly shares with us how to be a modern day Holly Golightly


It’s not much of a mystery as to why Kelly Lee’s Blog, 

Kelly Golightly

, is such a sensation – written for the modern Audrey Hepburns out there, it’s about finding a contemporary take on our favorite whimsical and stylish big screen heroine: Holly Golightly. With an effortless sense of humor and clever point of view, Kelly shares with us all of her style secrets, giving us a closer look at the life of the innately stylish.

If oversized sunglasses, statement jewelry, pink flamingos and cupcakes are your thing, then 

Kelly Golightly

 will be a much appreciated discovery. Because we are absolutely smitten, we asked her to share with us some of her favorite summer outfits. From a black romper to an electric blue lace dress and an all white shorts + blouse combination, she hits every nail on the head. So naturally, we caught up with her to find out some of her style secrets.

How would you describe your personal style?

Audrey Hepburn meets Kelly Wearstler. I love Audrey’s classic, charming style but I admire Kelly Wearstler’s boldness in taking chances. Both gamines have a playfulness about them, which I love. And I’m all about mixing vintage with new

Copy: Victoria de la Camara,   RueMagazine

Photography: Angie silvy

location: Parker Hotel